Review Of Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green Tea Mattress, Full

Sound night sleep is as essential to our body as is fresh air. Human beings have increasingly become like machines with no time to rest, and we work relentlessly to meet both ends of life. Sleep is a state where body take rest with only major organs like the heart at work. Sound sleep requires basic requirement like suitable temperature, peaceful surrounding, and comfortable mattress. When we say comfortable mattress, we would like to refer Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Green Tea Mattress Full, a soft, comfortable with all essential qualities for supporting your body weight, which has the excellent quality to distribute the body weight evenly on the mattress.

zinus memory foam 8 inch green tea mattress FULL

The mattress can place on a bed or floor. The objective is to achieve sleep without disturbing body, and the mattress offers excellent body contour for an undisturbed sleep experience.  

Review Of Zinus Memory Foam 8-Inch Green Tea Mattress, Full

Features to ponder:

Zinus memory foam is comfortable and easily takes the weight of body without sagging. The comfortable mattress plays an important part in providing much-needed relief to the body.  Relief quotient factor is of particular importance for the neck, back, shoulder, stomach, and mattress should have the ability to support these areas.  A mattress with improper support system will contribute many problems for body and as a result; you will certainly face a bad day in life.

The mattress measures 75x 84x 8 inches and weighs 38 pounds. That is quite big enough for normal size human being. It will easily fit on standard size bed. Some of the parts like memory foam are Chinese make, but it has U.S CertiPUR certification, meeting all safety and quality standards. The CertiPUR certification assures you of quality, durability, performance and content of mattress.

The mattress has become popular in recent years because of quality and high-performance value. It is suitable for all age groups as being high on the comfort factor. Innovative, organic use of green tea memory foam, three layered technology, ergonomically design to provide maximum comfort are key components of this mattress.

Let us find out some of the important features of Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Mattress

Green tea infusion

Green tea infusion is the noteworthy features of Zinus memory mattress, which make the mattress different from contemporary beds.  Though it is not a new technology, it is organic, eco-friendly and innovative. It removes unpleasant chemical odor from mattress keeping fresh and natural.

Three layer technology

The mattress uses unique technology to maximize the comfort for you by incorporating 3 different density foam layers. The 3 layers bonded correctly and are difficult to distinguish except the side views.  You will have a combination of 2-inch memory foam, 2-inch pressure relieving comfort foam and 4-inch base support by high-density airflow foam. These 3-layer technology acts as a thermostat in keeping the temperature control, maximum support and keeps the body aligned. The method offers the best posture as it keeps various body pains at bay.

Pressure relieving support

Zinus mattress is featuring with best comfort and designs for a refreshing sleep experience. The 2- inch pressure relieving foam provides the body with ultimate rest of back, neck, and shoulder. You will never experience back, neck or joint pain as commonly appears as cursed with poor quality mattresses. Therefore, when you wake up, you will experience pain but enjoy gain with Zinus mattress.

Great edge support

These mattresses have well contouring design and offer great appeal from edges. The edges designed in round shape to protect from constant wear and tear especially from sitting or sleeping on sides and variable expansion, which is quite common in other mattresses.

Organic nature of mattress

Its design has given supreme importance to keep pure natural air and reduce toxic air in the environment. The designer element helps in maintaining a healthy environment for you and your family.

Temperature regulated

The soft- knitted fabric covers this mattress. It adapts to your body temperature and makes you feel neither too hot nor too cold.


The manufacturer is offering 10 long year warranty against manufacturing defects except for natural wear and tear. The warranty does not cover for outer cover and general damages.

Benefits of Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Green Tea Mattress


The primary objective of any mattress is to provide a comfortable experience while sleeping. It should maintain a balance between soft and firm at the base but not too soft or firm. The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is best suited for all types of people as the pressure relieving foam conforms to shape of the body quickly.

<b>Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Green Tea Mattress Full</b>


As the mattress comes under home products, it should at least last years if not a life span. These mattresses have a stable structure and can handle pressure. Moreover, the foam has CertiPUR-US certification for quality and comfort.

Air circulation

Clean and pure air is essential to your wellbeing. While contaminated chemically polluted air causes many diseases like breathing problem, headache, and nausea. The infusion of green tea extracts helps in keeping air pure with its organic properties.


Zinus mattresses come with years of experience and trust. Its contents are of best quality and certified too.

Pros and Cons


  • Uses Green Tea extracts infused foam to restrict odor  
  • Comfortable, economical
  • 3 layer foam – total 8” thickness
  • CertiPUR Certified
  • High on quality
  • Beautifully and ergonomically designed
  • 10 years limited warranty
  • Low maintenance required


  • You cannot flip it because the 2″ top foam is the memory foam; hence rotation is the only option.
  • Need to wait for 48 hours after spreading to mold its full shape
  • Heavy to carry


Zinus Memory Foam 8-inch Green Tea Mattress Full is a superb mattress with a great price.  It offers soothing relaxation experience, and the Green Tea Memory gives a refreshing feel that makes your day a pleasant surprise. The mattress can home delivered within 3 days from the date of booking anywhere the US.  You can use it after two days spreading without any worries of synthetic smell, and by the time, it will regain its full potential.

It is indeed worth value for money. Place your orders HERE.       

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