Signature sleep vs sleep innovations – Difficult call easy solution

Do you believe in sleeping in the peace of your mind? If yes, then you must be on the hunt for a good mattress that cradles you for 7 to 8 long hours. In that case, you have reached the right place and your hunt stops now. We assume that you have decided on the brands by now, but are confused in between Signature sleep vs sleep innovations. You may have never thought about a mattress like this before but, this indeed requires some thinking, if you want the best one for you. Just make sure that you read the rest of this post carefully to get a hang of things in a comprehensive way.

Insightful Signature sleep vs sleep innovations review

Here is a detailed comparison between two leading brands of mattress industry:


Signature Sleep vs Sleep Innovations

Signature Sleep vs Sleep Innovations

8-inch Mattress

  1. Sleep Innovations Sage 8-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Full

  • Design

Experience light cradling with medium but firm support with this memory foam mattress. It is considered ideal for the petite body frame and is good for any position you want to sleep in.

  • Technology

It has pressure point relieve that makes you feel like as if you are floating. The DuoComfort Design that comprises of 2 inches cooling gel and 6 inches supportive base makes it worth.

  • Therapeutic effect at an affordable price

This manufacturer has tried and tested its products to keep up its level of quality. This mattress has proven itself time and again by offering complete support at an unbelievable price.

  1. Signature Sleep Memoir 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, Full

  • Design

The mattress contains 2 inches of memory foam at the top and 6 inches of high-density foam at the bottom for maximum support. It meets all flammability rules by the federal government (16 CFR 1633 compliant) and can still be comfortable with its pressure relieve technology.

  • Eco-friendly

It is free of components like heavy metals, TDCPP, PBDEs, ozone depleters, phthalates and retardants to start with. Has low VOC emission rate (0.5 PPM or less) and is certified by CertiPUR-US.

  • End result

The fabric used in this mattress is quite soft and very breathable. This makes it a relaxing mattress to count on without any doubts.

10 inch Mattress

  1. Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

  • Very comfortable

The comfort provided by the mattress is unmatched, the foam mattress is neither too soft nor is it too hard. The mattress is just perfect for people who like sleeping on their back or sides.

  • Good design

The mattress is designed in a clever manner to provide maximum comfort as it has several layers of foam. People with sensitive backs can expect to get relief by using this mattress.

  • Good warranty and quality

The mattress is well worth the money as it provides ultimate comfort while sleeping and moreover the manufacturer provides a 20-year warranty. The mattress quality is top notch and is built to last.

  1. Signature Sleep 10-Inch 5-Zone Conforma Coil Mattress, Queen

  • Very comfortable

Not only does the mattress provide ultimate sleeping comfort but also helps to eliminate stiffness from the legs, lower body, spine, upper body, head, and shoulder. The mattress has a layer of comfortable foam of 3inches in width.

  • Top notch finishing

The mattress has a lush cover made of polyester and encased coils of 7 inches that make it so comfortable. The mattress will last for years together. The manufacturer has complied with every single industrial standard while making this mattress. The mattress is made in a way to adjust to the shape of your spine while you are sleeping.

12 inch

  1. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

  • Solid spinal support

The mattress has two layers of foam to provide the spine with the right amount of support that it needs. The mattress is neither too hard nor is it too soft.

  • Good warranty and great quality

The good thing about this mattress is that the manufacturer has followed all the industry rules while making this and also offers customers a 20-year warranty on the product.

  • Compatible with all

The mattress is just perfect for people with small to bigger frames, no matter what your position is while sleeping comfort is something that the mattress will not deny you.

  1. Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, Queen. Available in Multiple Sizes

  • Environmental friendly product

 Since the foam in this mattress has low VOC emissions, it is very good to use as you are using a product that does not harm the environment at all. This also means that the product will also not have any negative effect on your health too.

  • Provides great comfort

The mattress has an 8.5-inch foam layer that can adapt to the natural shape of the body and provide sturdy support to the spine while sleeping.

  • Built to last

There is no doubt that the quality of the mattress is unmatched, covered with an ultra soft fabric the mattress will last for a long time to come.

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14-inch mattress

  1. Sleep Innovations Alden 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress, King

  • Very durable

The finishing of the product is very good and the best part is that the foam layer is not very soft or too hard it provides just the right support to the spine. The layer of foam is divided into two layers of different thickness and this is what makes it very comfortable to use.

  • Compatible for all

People with medium to large frames can use this mattress without any hesitation; the mattress is just perfect for those people that like to sleep on their side. The mattress also adapts to the shape of a person’s body and provides point relief in certain areas of the body.

  • Easy maintenance

The mattress is very easy to maintain with the least of efforts. That certainly makes it a desirable one.

  1. Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, Queen. Available in Multiple Sizes

  • Fantastic finishing

The fabric on this mattress is manufactured using a bamboo ticking that absorbs all the moisture and it helps the mattress to dry faster. The thick foam adds to the durability of the mattress

  • Safe product

The foam in this product has negligible VOC emissions which make it very safe to use inside the house.

  • Adapts to the shape of the body

While you sleep on the mattress it will take the shape of your spine and the best thing is that it can apply the right amount of pressure on certain parts of the body and relieve stress.

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Table Comparison: Signature Sleep Mattress vs Sleep Innovations Mattress

  Signature Sleep Sleep Innovations
Available mattress sizes Twin, Full, King, Queen Twin, Full, King, Queen and California King.
Warranty Limited 1 year warranty 10-year Manufacturer warranty
Weight Started from 9 Kg Started from 20 KG
Number of layers 3.5″ layer of Memory Foam, 8.5″ layer of high-density foam, Low in VOC emissions, CertiPUR-US certified foam, Soft knit fabric cover DuoComfort(TM) Design, Deep Sleep Top Layer, Premium Support Bottom Layer, Soft poly-cotton blend mattress cover



Now, that you have all the insight into this discussion about  Sleep innovations vs Signature sleep Mattress, we hope you will take the right decision. It certainly is not that easy to decide on one, but this is why we have tried our best to give you all the details possible. You can choose the one that fits the bill as that is the best way to decide on a product. If you choose products based on your practical knowledge, you will find them to last longer in comparison to your impulse buys for sure. Be realistic and do not expect anything extraordinary from a mid-range memory foam mattress.


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