How Often Should You Change or Replace Mattress?


You know that you spend almost 1/3 of your life on the bed. It is really important that the pieces of bedding equipment must be cutting edge and maintained appropriately. Sleep is required for your functioning and an uncomfortable and old mattress can simply affect your regular activities, energy levels and moods. So, it’s crucial that you must replace your mattress when it really reaches its age or becomes really unsuitable for usage. Bedding can be the breeding place for germs. So, precisely how often should you replace mattress? Read this article and find out how often you should change your mattress.

How often should you change mattress

How often should you change or replace mattress?

Replacement time and why:

While it comes to deciding your mattress’ lifespan alongside the quality and warranty, you must consider some other factors like how heavily and frequently it is utilized and where it is utilized – keep a mattress

  • If you have a high-quality mattress and it’s not heavily used, it can be changed every 10 years once.
  • If you have a high-quality mattress and it’s used only at night in your master bedroom, you can replace it every 6 years once.
  • Nevertheless, be it made of poor or high quality, if you use it in your kid’s room or use it more frequently, you should definitely change your mattress every 4 years once.

Benefits of changing:

According to a study, new bedding system always helps you get rid of back pain, advances your sleep quality and keeps you stress-free. The study has really proven the advantages of replacing an old mattress, which makes people healthy. Significantly, adults become healthier if they change their old and uncomfortable mattress which they have been using since many years. You possibly have experienced the discomfort while sleeping on your usual mattress. And once you switch to the new mattress, you will see astounding results. In a nutshell, your new mattress can not only increase your sleep quality but also able to result in an improvement in your back pain.

How often should you replace mattress

Pros and Cons with the explanation:

Positivity of changing:

Sometimes we lack in identifying a comfy mattress that gives us quality sleep. We just stick to our budget issue and don’t even think that our old mattress can affect our health. We should immediately change our old mattress. Changing the old mattress will be really beneficial for us. We must consider that your new mattress will be very much helpful in losing weight, enhancing our memory and living longer, although it’s little pricey which we can consider for the matter of our health. A new, medium-firm mattress evaluates your stress levels and finally yields the best result in decreasing your stress. It simply develops your sleep quality and reduces all the pain related to the firmer setup.

The negativity of not changing:

You very much know about the negative effects of dust mites. These microscopic creatures simply feed on your dead skin cells that you shed naturally, an entire host of which are discovered on and on your bed. Numerous people are allergic to the dust and they even suffer from asthma issue. If you don’t wash your mattress cover regularly in hot water, it won’t help your get rid of dust mites. If you are an allergy sufferer, then you must change your mattress.

Product mattress review:

Signature sleep 12-inch memory foam mattress Reviews

The Signature sleep 12-inch memory foam mattress is the ideal result of years of testing and research. The organization made this mattress for offering the best balance between support and firmness, giving you one of the most relaxing and peaceful experiences available these days. It’s the most relevant balance between safety and comfort and fits your budget appropriately.

  1. Features:
  • Features 4-inch memory foam and a 9 ILD for ultimate firmness
  • Available in a large range of thickness with the inclusion of 6”, 8” and 12”
  • Needs at least 48 hours before the memory foam mattress expands to its real size and shape
  • Performs with the Federal Flammability Standard (16 CFR 1633)
  • Supports the body and reduces pressure on the hips and shoulders
  1. Benefits:
  • Machine washable cover
  • Highly comfortable and safe
  • Durable, enough cushioning, offers peaceful sleep, stays firm for many years and gives ultimate support to your body
  • Comes at an affordable cost
  • Doesn’t sag under heavy weight
  • Offers medium to firm support so that you can avoid back aches and joint pains
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Infused with minimum chemicals
  1. Sizes:

The Signature sleep 12-inch memory foam mattress is available in 4 different sizes – Twin, Full, Queen and King.


So, have you determined how often should you replace mattress? Next time when you will go out for making a purchase of a new mattress, compare all the mattresses with the latest technology. With the arrival of new technologies, presently, you have a lot of mattresses to select from. When the old mattresses are made of the materials like feathers, straw, and horse hair, presently the modern mattresses are filled with materials like latex, flexible polyurethane foams, viscoelastic, or some other advanced creations. So, now you shouldn’t have the query: how often should you change mattress? It’s time to make a smart investment on a new mattress!

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