Brentwood Home 11-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress – Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you having proper sleep every day? If no, then it’s time to look for a new mattress for you. Even, if you are waking up still feeling tired or tossing and turning during the night, then it’s time to change your old mattress and buy a new one which is made to help you provide better sleep.

With Brentwood Home 11-inch Gel HD Memory Foam MattressSleeping on a well-designed mattress can give you so much comfort and it will be best if you use a gel infused memory foam mattress. Here you must consider one mattress, named Brentwood Home 11-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Brentwood Home 11 Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

Why you choose Brentwood Home 11-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

Beneficial features:

Memory gel foam mattress:

The memory gel foam layer does not only conform to your body contours to cushion your pressure points and to make sure your spinal alignment, but also regulates your body temperature during your sleeping time. This mattress gives you ultra-soft comfort and gives support as per your need.

Open cell technology:

This memory gel foam mattress features the best open cell technology that enables air flowing through with keeping the mattress totally cool.

Brentwood Home 11-inch gel hd memory foam mattress

4-layer technology:

The 4 layers of this mattress guarantees comfort only. Alongside, it completely absorbs your pressure points and ensures you get a comfortable sleep in every season.

All-natural wool top surface:

This mattress comes with higher comfort level due to its all-natural wool top surface. It gives you luxurious comfort and also wicks away moisture and is very much breathable as well.

Removable & washable bamboo cover:

This lavish mattress is totally wrapped in a pure bamboo fiber cover which is both washable and removable. It gives a luxurious feel and is best for the people with sensitive skin.

Environment-friendly:This mattress reduces your carbon footprint. It comes with CertiPur-US certification which ensures it as harmless, chemical-free and good for your health.

Fire-safe:It meets the USA’s mattress flammability standards without requiring using harmful chemical fire retardants.Easy to clean:The pure woolen surface layer of this mattress is completely clean.

This mattress is easy to clean as it comes with a pure bamboo fabric which is removable and washable. It features anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic properties as well.

Chemical-free:This luxurious and comfortable mattress is completely chemical-free and having all-natural materials only. It does not have any prohibited phthalates, mercury or heavy metal, CFC, PBDE, formaldehyde. Even this mattress emits low emission carbon dioxide.

25-year warranty:

The manufacturer of Brentwood Home 11-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress offers a 25-year of warranty service which is longer than the usual warranties.

  • Made in the USA
  • HD memory multi-layer foam is superbly adjustable to body shape
  • Environment-friendly
  • Reduces severe neck and back pain with vertebral disorder
  • Open cell technology keeps your body cool and comfortable
  • No lead, no mercury, no heavy metals and formaldehyde
  • Ideal for spine alignment
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Removable and washable bamboo cover
  • Gigantic 25-year warranty

  • As this mattress is delivered in a compact packaging, you’ll require time for it for being completely expanded before utilizing.
  • This mattress’ edge support is very poor; even you may fall out of it if you sleep on the side of your bed.
  • This mattress is may be very firm or very soft for the comfort of some people. You will require time for adapting to this mattress.

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Final recommendation:

This review on the Brentwood Home 11-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress is completely meant for showing you all of the ways a gel infused memory foam mattress basically can be the best mattress ever for you to comfortably sleep on. So, if you are interested in knowing more about this kind of mattress, you can check out today or buy your new mattress online. We are sure that you are going to have the best sleep you have ever had. So, no more turning and tossing, and you will wake up in the morning with a feeling of refreshment and prepared for starting the best day. We would recommend you to invest in this product and saves a lot of cash by having a lifetime service.


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